Summer Semester Studio Practice 2014

This Post is where I write about my day to day art practice.

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23rd July 2014

Preparations are ongoing in the studio, painting out the green screen wall, filling and painting boards re-used from the BA final show and testing filming positions.

Personal training today, upper body, tried out new ankle weights (2.27kg each) for negative pull ups. Holding at 90 degrees for 15 secs. Discussed aiming for pull ups, which not many women achieve and nor do 90% of men. Also the importance of a Cool Down after working on the Rings or doing High kicks, to ensure minimal muscle discomfort.

24th July 2014

I got the paper rolls up and finished the painting of the green screen wall and boards for experimental Traces.

Gym 1x legs

25th July 2014

Today (25/07) I finished the studio preparations for Trace and began High Kicks Trace. The recommendation is to do the exercise with the resistance band 4x and then also do it 4x without the band.

Matthew Barney from Drawing Restraint 1



Detail High Kicks 1

I had a run around the campus and a stretch in one of the courtyards to warm up. My right leg was higher without resistance but my left leg was the same height with both. I will have to plot if this is a trend or a one off. I have to swing my leg around to make the Trace on the paper so it is not necessarily wholly accurate, although I tried my best to keep the height.

I also got one of the re-use boards up on the wall (with some help from a couple of handy guys) so I can start exploring Gym Rings Trace.

I had a session on the Gym Rings working some holds, upside down holds and floor moves; also experimented with side moves thinking about how I might be able to use a large panel left over from the BA show.

I used the ankle weights for half of the session, as recommended by my personal Trainer, John. It was hilarious trying to go upside down with them. My legs could get up straight, 90 degrees bend from the hips and up into the air but I could get them no higher than the rings themselves. So I will keep trying that to see where I can get with it. It felt really quite strange. It is perhaps an interesting restriction to play with, which makes me think of Bruce Nauman’s work.

Nauman corridor

Nauman’s Walking in an Exaggerated Manner around the Perimeter of a Square 

The weights were good for holds below the rings; legs back and forth, working the legs and hip flexors and for balancing, with my leg straight out backwards, whilst swinging.  Also to strengthen.


I was quite tired afterwards and did some good stretching and had a dance around the studio to cool down.

I had visitors to the studio. One came when I was upside down on the rings with my ballet skirt on, shorts might be better.

Gym 1x core

26th July 2014


Gym 1x legs

27th July 2014


Gym 1x core

28th July 2014

I swept up the loose Graphite powder on the floor and taped down some handmade Khadi paper to collect the floor graphite.  I fixed the Graphite Traces on the paper roll.  I slightly extended the resistance band so that I could move along the paper with my High Kicks.

I warmed up with a stretch in the nearest courtyard and a run around the outside of the University, back in through the foyer and across the courtyard.

Filmed High Kicks 1 for the second time .  Each leg went higher.  The left leg had some variation between the High Kick with resistance and the one without, this time, unlike last time when the kicks were of equal height.

For Gym Rings I wanted to practice holding above the rings. Not being too sure how I would get on I dragged the crash mat out of the seminar room.  Health & safety breathed a sigh of relief…

So I tried using a ladder to get up on the rings but the swing on meant I collapsed quickly.  So I tried using a chair on the crash mat. That was wobbly but effective.




So I can hold above the rings and during my practice this afternoon I got it up to 15 secs.  I can also raise my legs in a wide split for a few seconds.  So this is something new to work on.  Thinking about some of the moves you see on the gym rings I reflected on how strong those gymnasts are, amazing.  I filmed a short clip on the Flip camera and grabbed a few stills from that footage.

My hands are getting hard skin on them and I think I will get some grips to stop them from tearing.  I also got a bit cold afterwards so base layer could be a good investment.

Gym 1x core

Later at home, when watching the Common wealth Games I remembered that women do not participate on the Gym Rings during such sporting events.  I love the Rings even more now.

29th July 2014

Tutorial with Srin Surti.  Discussed use of mediums for Traces.  In particular we talked about pigments.  Using two colours to mark out High Kicks with resistance and those without.  Also the idea of erasure.  Taking colour off by using a substance that will remove and dry to fix a space.  Oil, honey, egg white as natural substances rather than PVA which might create allergic reactions on the skin.  Something to research.

Srin showed me the work of Mehmet Sander, performance artist (see the research [drop down from text page] page for link to a video) and he suggested I attend his work shop in September at the Tate Gallery.  I think he feels the Performance element is the key part of my work and he was encouraging me to do a Performance as part of the MA Show. Something I will reflect upon.

Mahmet Sander, performance artist

He is incredibly strong and makes very difficult moves look easy. (tried to book into his work shop but it is full)

We discussed formal elements in my process and noted the discipline involved.  Also how costumes play a part in Performative work.  My current outfit is a Nike brand.  An issue to research and maybe stitch into the work somehow.

In Greek Mythology, Nike was a Goddess who personified Victory, also known as the Winged Goddess of Victory.

Around the time of the Titan Wars, Nike assumed the role of the divine charioteer, a role in which she often is portrayed in Classical Greek art. Nike flew around battlefields rewarding the victors with glory and fame, symbolized by a wreath of Laurel leaves or Bay leaves.

In classical times, Nike became the goddess of strength, speed, and victory.

As a descendant of Boudicca,

Eleanor of Aquitaine

and other fascinating females through history and as a woman in the 21st century; these images of strong and powerful female figures appeal to me.  A pair of wings….a chariot…dishing out laurel wreaths….a victory of some kind at the very least.  To feel powerful is to feel alive and to connect with history.

Gym 1x upper body

30th July 2014

Ordered grips from a gymnastics suppliers called Continental and pigments-Ultramarine blue dark, Naples Yellow and Malachite Synthetic green.  Also some substances to play with; silver gelatin leaves, Zest It concentrated varnish and an Active spray picture varnish.  All from Cornelissen’s, London.  I am going to experiment with different substances in the studio.  See what works and what they look like.  See if I can create a surface where I can add pigment with a hit and it will have some permanency.

Gym 2x

legs working Iliopsoas and Biceps Femoris, some using resistance

running PT


Filmed High Kicks 1 for the third time.  Slightly higher on the right.  Left leg dropped slightly on transition to paper.

Thought…left leg kick in Combat is lower than right.  I injured my Quadratus Lumborum on the left hand side, earlier in the year.

As I was in my ballet outfit I decided to film some more dance based Moves on the Gym Rings.  It is easy to become quite dizzy as you twirl and pirouette.  So every now and then I put in a still moment or two.

31st July 2014

Gym 2x  Core and legs

Filmed High Kicks 1 next lot of exercises. Different outfit, shorts. Right leg staying the height. Left leg lower, I keep dropping it prior to reaching the paper.. Maybe a blip but I think possibly technique needs polishing.

Reading Towards a Philosophy of Photography  by Vilem Flusser

1st Aug 2014

Gym PT Upper body, negative pull ups changing the method and beginning training for pull ups. Dips using body weight. Beginning to work on Type 2B fibres.  More risk of injury.  Short, intense bursts of training.

Stretched tight legs

Filmed High Kicks 1 again.  Both legs higher.  Doing a stretch before hand must have helped.

Made first Trace using the Gym Rings.  Experimenting with paint on board on the floor, fabric and board on the wall.  See Trace page for more photographs.


Gym Rings Trace 1


2 & 3 Aug 2014

The studio is shut at the weekend.


Gym x 1 core

Body Pump

Gym x 1 Legs A

and stretches finishing in splits

Also, I am trying to find my ‘Ham’ on the website.  So if you have left a comment and I haven’t published it or replied, it is because for some reason, as yet unclear, I cannot access 72 and growing Ham comments (ham being the opposite to spam i.e. messages you do want to see).  it does seem an excessive number so something is probably not right but it also seems to be blocking some valid comments.  Apologies if you have been affected by this, I am getting help support to sort it out.

4th Aug 2014

Ran around UCA to warm up.  And did some stretches in the studio.

Filmed High Kicks 6.  You can see a general gain of height since the beginning.  I just need to check technique, especially that I am not raising my left foot when I kick my right foot over to the paper.

Moved the first drawings to another wall to start two new drawings.  i was careful to maintain the height and the loose graphite that had collected in the curl of paper at the bottom.



Used the Grips for the first time.  They are uncomfortable in that the holes dig into your fingers but they do protect the hands from blisters and tears.  I am hoping they are going to be like a new pair of shoes and stretch to be comfortable before long.


I worked on Gym Rings using Yellow Cadmium Medium acrylic paint.  using balletic moves on the floor board.  And moving it out of the way for the run up to the wall board.  The yellow looks bright, a good contrast to the blues.  The floor board reminds me of stars at night.



Gym Rings Trace Blue Yellow 1

Acrylic paint on primed MDF board (240 x 120cm)

Stretched at home to lessen muscle discomfort.

Henri Matisse  cut outs



Part of my process.

to move,  to breath,  to fly,  to gesture  &  make a mark- fleeting – I send this message to you -striving – the drive – to move – to get there – to go further -to get higher and get stronger – to flex more – hold longer -eraghhhhhhh!  It is a sound.

Find the sound.

I know the sound – find it within….

let it become a sound – out there

a voice gesture ……………………….

the power, powerful, strong, like a machine – sweating – shaking – straining.



5th Aug 2014

Gym 1x leg stretches

Tutorial with Jo.  A long discussion.  She is sending an email of main points.  Look at influences on artists that influence me, e.g. Matthew Barney regarded Richard Serra. I really love Richard Serra’s sculptures; their large scale and flowing, curves and the use of balance with materials. I can imagine mapping Moves and creating similar lines in 3D in my own work.

A Matter of Time Richard Serra

Also, Jo suggested exploring surface and physicality, also sensitivity vs inertia.  Develop my own strengths and personality.  Physicality, humour, sensitivity, she highlighted.  Paint if I want to.  Experiment and explore further along the lines of what I am doing.  I showed her a few Moves on the Gym Rings which she filmed.

I showed her a bit of film of me warming up around the studio that makes me laugh, I am doing high knee running back and forth and it just looks silly and she could see the humour I had.

We also talked about how women are still, in some ways, marginalised in the art world, less so than once perhaps.  To be doing one’s own thing, in terms of keeping an art practice moving forward, is important in itself.

I need a space to move them to when the show comes on… To keep working on what I really like and dig deeply into that.  I will catch that white rabbit’s tail one day…

In the afternoon I cleaned up the graphite under the High Kicks setting and moved the paper sheets which my feet and movements have made Traces on.  I placed them next to the first set of High Kicks drawings.

I think I need to research the toxicity of Graphite powder.  One of my legs has had a numb surface on the skin down the lower end and after cleaning up, although I wore a mask, my face felt a bit numb. It is more to do with respiratory issues so that numbness might be an allergy to something.  I do have allergies to various things, including dust.

Gym 1x   Upper body, holding for 15-20secs on negative pull ups, then counting slowly down, with ankles weight on.  6 blocks now with the push ups (down from 8). 5kg for the dumbells or 6kg also.  Pull ups easier on the TRX. It feels so good.

6th Aug 2014


Gym 1x core

Painted Cerulean Blue on Gym Rings 1 wall board.  Filmed the Moves. Cornelissen’s parcel arrived with pigments and substances.

Took an old mirror in that we had in our garden.  I want to use it to add a sense of risk.  I like Parkour or Free Running (see Research page for video clips), partly for the sense of freedom it conveys and also for the sheer nerve of the Free Runners, there is real risk involved, minimised by the skills of the Runners. I am going to use it as a wall board to make Traces on.

I am going to try a tumble free version of Free Running.  I have seen a video of a woman doing a running and jumping version and feel compelled to try this.  I just have to Move.  I could make a Flip camera film of it.  Mapping the Movement.


I will screw it to the wall mounted on some MDF to give a flat surface and use paint or Gum arabic and pigment to make the Traces.  There will be that sense it could smash and possibly cut.  I want to see if I can create an air of tension.  See how that feels.

There was lovely light in the studio today late on.  A few of the BA students were picking up work it was nice to see them.


Gym Rings 1 wall board, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cerulean Blue


Mirror ready to install on the wall.

7th Aug 2014

Painted some gold on the Wall Board.  It was lovely having golden feet.  I am beginning to paint with the Moves, in that I can study the painting and think about where I would like to place the next trace mark and what kind of mark I would like it to be.  Now that I know what sort of marks I can make.  I am getting a feel for the process.

There is something special about the colour gold.  I thought maybe it could be gaudy but it was just to be revered.

The wall board is finished and now the mirror is up.  Jas made some photographs of me trying out my Moves on the mirror.  It feels different.  It is a smaller shape and the aspect of a possible crack makes it seem more delicate and presenting a slight risk of cutting my foot. There is an excitement with the risk taking.



I tried a spray of varnish on the mirror but it is very chemically and smelly and it did go opaque.  I think I need something a bit less toxic to put against my skin.  So Gum Arabic would be better.

I filmed High Kicks 2, the first session, using graphite.  Jas made some photographs of the Moves for me.  In High Kicks 2  I plan to use Ultramarine pigment for the resistance work.  Graphite powder for the non-resistance work.  That will plot any difference.



11th August 2014

Gym 1x legs B & stretch to splits

Bought canvas split sole Bloch pink ballet shoes to try out Ultramarine Blue pigment on High kicks 2

3 MDF boards cut to size, for the James Hockey Gallery going vertically upwards, and painted white

Filmed and Jas photographed, Gym Rings Mirror.  The Ultramarine Blue pigment worked well the Malacite Green didn’t show up.  The Gum Arabic as a base to put the pigment onto but remaining transparent worked quite well.High-Kicks-2.jpg-for-the-web

High Kicks 2 in the making

Filmed High Kicks 2 for a second Move and tried new shoes with the Ultramarine Blue pigment.  It gets a bit mixed in with the graphite but I did get a Trace on the paper.  I like it for the studio but for the installation in the gallery I have decided to use Graphite powder for resistance and non-resistance as I like the sensitive feel that gives.

Gym 1x new Upper body work out (see Train page for details) and stretch to splits.  Splits getting easier.



Gym Rings Mirror  making the Moves and the Trace


 Sequence towards mirror








The other side view







There is something enigmatic about a mirror piece.  The gum arabic has allowed the pigments to stick, with some impermanence but enough permanence to keep the Trace if handled with sensitivity and skill.  Alice Through the Looking Glass next.

Meanwhile due to quite marked bruising on the ball of the left foot from landing on concrete, Alice was glad to attend the Mad Hatters Tea Party, in the form of a weekend away with girlfriends to let her foot, treated with Arnica cream, recover. Sadly, no sign of the white rabbit.

12th Aug 2014

Tutorial with Grant Petrey.  Interesting discussion.  He suggested I look at Effect Theory & Phenomenology.  Also to source a book Feminism and Effect.  We talked about how, subjective is okay and embodiment is very relevant to my work.  Finding a way of articulating that, is what I am doing currently.  Using the body, movement and gesture has a  resonance with embodiment and that is a language in itself.

We also discussed colour and that is an area I am focusing on, with my Floor Work ready to do, with the MDF boards cut to size and primed white.  Blue started for me as a time of day in the Summer between the evening and just before night when the sky is a beautiful deep blue.  It also relates to a dream like quality, Chagall, slightly fairy tale or surreal, A  Mid-Summer’s Night’s Dream.  A time when anything may be possible.  Alice may catch up with the White Rabbit.

Blue and its importance in the Renaissance, that is related to the rarity and expensive nature of blue pigments.  Different tones of blue.  Which is where I may go next with the odd touch of something else.  What remains to be seen.  So to research colour and blue specifically.  My blue is that dark just before night fall, inky, blue/black.  It looks well with the cobalt/ultramarine colours previously used.

We also talked about an exhibition which might be relevant to my work and worth researching.  ‘A View from  a Window’, work by Shelagh Wakely at Camden Arts Centre currently.

(See Reflective writing post for more on Shelagh Wakely)

After my tutorial the High Kicks 3  paper etc. was installed in The James Hockey Gallery, ready for making & filming stating tomorrow.


The stage is set ready to go.

Gym 1x  core & legs stretch to splits and I can now lie down on my front leg when I do the splits.  I think that has been aided by the air conditioning in the gym not working very well so when I work out I am very warm.  Warm muscles more stretch and flexibility.

13th Aug 2014

I performed and filmed the first High Kicks 3 Moves and Traces.  The space felt creative.  I liked working in a gallery space and also hearing people going about their business along the mezzine.  The Traces were pleasing.  I had the resistance band quite tight, my leg had to work hard to control the movement.


After combat I performed and filmed the second High Kicks 3 Moves and Traces.  Also took some photographs.

Gym 1x legs B


High Kicks 3 installation started in the James Hockey Gallery, UCA Farnham  Day 1


 ‘The performative principle precisely enables the subversion of fixed notions of identity.’ (Judith Butler, Foucault and the Performative, in Fifty Key Contemporary Thinkers from structuraliam to post-humanism, second edition, John Lechte,  Routledge, London & new York, 2008. p.187)

The performative aspect of repeated choreography, ritual and time line are explored in this work.  Identity is perhaps key but opaque in its meaning.  I think identity is tied up with the drive to Move in different ways.  And the whole process of Train Move Trace.  It is the journey to something from something.  Chasing the White Rabbit’s tail.

Alice’s surreal journey has been associated by some, as the awakening sexuality of a young girl on the brink of womanhood.  There is perhaps  parallels here but  related to more mature notions of identity.  Of when one is a parent and of when you reach the point when children are growing up into adulthood themselves.  A reawakening of a separate, independent identity. Of embracing one’s own identity and sexuality, that having been submerged by a preoccupation of tasks for others.  In a renewed exploration of self. And the feeling of strength in the body gives an attractive feeling of powerfulness.

High Kicks is a series of works which create a tension through the use of graphite. Ballet is a discipline.  Female ballet dancers are finely tuned and toned people.  They are usually scrubbed clean and hair tied back neatly.  The uniform is often standardised and perfect – leotard, skirt and tights with ballet shoes, for the girls/women.  Make up beautiful and strong for the stage lights.  Polished, lean and clean. This is my outfit for the performative work.  I am a dancer who has learnt to dance as an adult.  My outfit is authentic, it is my ballet outfit for classes.

The mess of the graphite, the toxicity of the substance contrasts starkly with this familiar image of the perfectly turned out dancer.  The disciplined and ritualistic performance of the ballet exercise, perfectly executed over and over, creates an interesting Trace or drawing on the paper roll.  The fall out collects in the curl of paper on the floor and produces an almost scientific Trace of the Movement.  It looks like some kind of graph or monitor trace.

Around on the floor and on the band, on the ballet shoes, my legs and hands and on the handmade paper on the floor the spread of graphite over time disrupts the perfect polish.  This create an artistic narrative. What is that mess all about? (Freud might have something to say about that.)  There is a seam of subversive humour perhaps, alongside the sincere ritual, authentic exercise of repeated choreography, notion of time line and scientific experimentation.



However, this work is about pleasure as well as ritual and time.  The pleasing feeling in the Movement.  ‘Foucault’s history…presents another face of pleasure: pleasure through regulation and self-discipline instead of through libertine, or permissive conduct,’ (Michael Foucault, Fifty Key Contemporary Thinkers, John Lecte, publisher Routledge, London,  2008, p. 144)

In the repeated choreography is a satisfaction born of inflicting rules and restrictions upon oneself and carrying them out.  A plus B = C. This is reminiscent of Nauman’s,  ‘Dancing around the perimeter of a square’. (see Reflective Writing Post for a video of this work) There is a pleasure in achieving the goal you set yourself. By situating these goals within the site of the body one has control over that.  A reclamation of identity, sited in pleasure gained from disciplined training of the body, physicality and Movement and artistic endeavor.

14th Aug 2014

Gym 1x legs stretch

Filmed High Kicks 3 twice more.  Once in the morning, once after lunch.

Bought Acrylic paint from Pullingers for the Floor Boards work with Gym Rings.  Colours- Prussian Blue, Ultra marine Blue, Crimson, Paynes Grey & Silver.

Colour, for me, is subjective and it is an expression of the emotion of the work.  It is about describing the motion towards the highest form of life.  The embodiment of life force fusing at its highest state.  Of connecting and communicating with another.  Passion that drives the motion.  Life at its truest.  Feeling the world.  Embodying that feeling.  And allowing that to be part of the process, is key.


The Prussian Blue and the Ultramarine Blue painted using Gym Rings Moves.

Gym 1x to stretch legs, work to splits

15th August 2014

Early morning run

Filmed High Kicks 3 2x  and finished it


High Kicks 3  installation  in the James Hockey Gallery, UCA Farnham

The installation works well in a large space.


High Kicks 3 installation in the James Hockey Gallery UCA Farnham

Personal Training at the gym PNF leg stretching and a little upper body stretch

Legs felt good

PNF stretches, two surfaces meet, a theme for later exploration.  PNF involves the trainer pushing the muscles in a controlled manner to get them to stretch and holding for a particular length of time and then the client pushes back against the trainer to get the muscle to contract, for so many seconds.  The the trainer pushes further again and holds and the client pushes back again. Cloth against cloth, pushing. And so on.

Gym Rings 3 Floor boards in the afternoon.  Firstly, using silver and silver mixed with Paynes Grey paint.  Jasper took some photographs of me working.  Second session, crimson.  With the passion added, the work was finished.

My feet were quite bruised and sore after the whole process was finished.  Arnica helped.  People have been interested in how I get my feet clean.  There have been various footprints between the studio and the toilets where I have been found by a number of people with one foot in the sink standing one legged scrubbing at my foot with a nail brush using soap and water.  It has been the subject of various comments!  for instance, ‘if I did that I would fall over backwards!’, ‘I love Art College, its a different world!’, ‘Are you painting with your feet?’

Had a stretch in the studio.  Physically tired but really happy. I have been drinking Natural Coconut Water to replenish the muscles with electrolytes.  It is good for recovery. My PT told me about it.  i like it now.  It tasted a bit strange at first, not the nice coconut flavour you expect.  It works well after a long session on the Rings.

I feel like Kazuo Shiraga has passed me his baton metaphysically from beyond the grave.  I am contemplating contacting the Annely Juda Gallery in Dering St (above where d’Offay’s used to be) as he used to show there.

Kazuo Shiraga in his studio

Me in my Summer studio





 Gym Rings 3 Floorboards

Acrylic Paint on primed MDF boards 3 x 175cm x 122 cm


Joan Mitchell’s abstract paintings used a lot of white space around vivid colours.  I could work even bigger and get more white space to add even more Movement and energy to the works.  Her work has a synergy born of the brush strokes’ energy, the strong use of colour and the way she utilises the space on the canvas.

Joan Mitchell Untitled 1992

Josef Albers writes of colour,

‘In musical compositions, so long as we hear merely single tones, we do not hear music. Hearing music depends on the recognition of the in-between of the tones, of their placing and of their spacing.  In writing, a knowledge of spelling has nothing to do with an understanding of poetry. ..Our concern is the interaction of color; that is, seeing what happens between colors…Colors present themselves in continuous flux, constantly related to changing neighbors and changing conditions…what counts if not the what but the how.’ (Interaction of Color, Josef Albers, publisher, Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 2006, p. 5)

I think that by experimenting with what you like and what feels right and then using it and seeing how it works, you are more likely to find the colours that create that ‘conjuring trick into abstraction’ that I am looking for.


The power needed to use the Gym Rings has become a seductive force.

I’m fond of observing how obsession is the most durable form of intellectual capital,’ (Touching, Feeling, Eve Kosofoky Sedgewick, publisher, Duke University Press, Durham & London, 2003, p. 2)

Feeling stronger is so satisfying.  The targeted Training has meant I can work with the Gym Rings using a thought process to choreograph Moves in order to make particular gestural marks.  It has become a reflective process. I have now worked out what Moves I can make with the Rings.  I am strong enough and flexible enough to know how to get to a particular place and to be able to chose where to go, what to do and I know what kind of marks I can make through experimentations in the studio.  The process is now a proper painting process.  The obsession is translating into an art practice.

18th Aug 2014

Installing show in the James Hockey Gallery.  Taken away half of High Kicks 3.  Boards too big, diagram I was given of the Gallery space was out of date!  So two boards will be floated and one propped. Hopefully two decent sized screens will be used for films which I have yet to make.

Group shows have typical stresses.  Lunch with family helped.  Tutors and technicians generally nice and helpful.

Gym 1x leg B

19th Aug 2014

Show installation still ongoing

Gym 1x core

20th Aug 2014

The show continues to go up and I downloaded footage and began to make film.



Gym Rings 3 Floor Boards being installed in the James Hockey Gallery the top two boards are floating away from the walls, thanks to the technicians who did a good job of designing the fixtures and fitted them

21st Aug 2014

Gym 1x legs with resistance and stretch to splits

Installation continues.  The technicians had been taken off the job so fortunately I had other help at  hand.

Made prop for last painting floor board.  Had a barrier crisis that has been resolved well.  Using my red cord and small grey stands, rather than enormous silver stands like you see in the Post Office (Health & Safety gone mad!).  They looked like a cage.

Also found a great IT technician, Steph, who helped me to edit my artist’s films in iMovie.


Constructing the plinth, in my studio, for the last Floor Board to be installed in the Gallery



The studio floor under the Gym Rings, a real Trace of some Happening. The work of Daniel Turner reminds of my studio floor as it was when I emptied it out.

Daniel Turner

22nd Aug 2014

The final installation day in the gallery.  I managed to edit my two films and get them onto sticks, thanks to assistance from Steph.  Tom put up two screens & put the sticks in and they work fine!

We managed to get the support structure/plinth for the 3rd floor board painting finished by the end of the day.  It looks good.

Ella moved her table into the foyer.  And the rest of the show came together.  Rebecca has worked very hard this week.



Gym Rings 3 Floor Boards

Acrylic paint on primed MDF boards 3 x 175cm x122cm


High Kicks 3 installation (part)

26th Aug 2014

The exhibition opened today and it looks good.  There were a number of Chinese students and families viewing it when I went to have a look.

In the studio I started Gym Rings 4, working with muslin and working with a side panel, as well as a floor panel.  I found a new technique of hanging upside down and lodging a foot against a strap to provide stability as I reached sideways.


I used water flicked onto the fabric with a brush and pigments, ultramarine blue, malacite green and naples yellow.  The green is not as strong as the other two, maybe because it is a synthetic.  The contrast between the strong holds and powerful positions needed to get to the muslin to make the Traces with my feet and the translucent and sensitive quality of the fabric I think makes an interesting juxtaposition.  This is a quality I would like to explore further.  Also the opaque nature of the fabric allowing a partial view through is intriguing.

Alice doesn’t want to come out of the rabbit hole.  I am totally in love with my studio and this work process.


Studio view of Gym Rings 4 muslin



Detail of Gym Rings 4 muslin floor panel



Detail of Gym Rings 4 muslin side panel

Gym 1x core and leg stretch to splits

27th Aug 2014 

Gym PT Upper body B work out and stretch, side planks to aide sideways work on the Gym Rings

Invigilated at the exhibition at the James Hockey Gallery.  A few people visited. Talked to an interesting textiles tutor who recommended I look at Karina Thompson.  ‘1 Hours Production = 1 1/2 miles = 15 metres’. The exhibition was Cloth & Memory {2} at Salts Mill, Saltaire, W Yorkshire.

‘When Karina Thompson first visited the space for the exhibition her first reaction was to run the length of the room. She monitored her heart rate and recorded her footprints in the factory dirt as she ran the length of the room 15 times, to represent the amount of fabric that could be produced at Salts Mill. She then digitally embroidered a length of textile 100mx0.5m which has been laid along the floor.’

Karina Thompson

Karina Thompson Cloth & Memory

I particularly like the process this artist has chosen, especially the physicality aspect of her process.  And the idea of the Trace of her footprints in the dirt of the factory floor.  It reminded me of my Run film and the footprints in tracks made in the sand by the armoured cars.


RUN Hogmoor Enclosure Flip Arm June 2014 16m 57s

Still from my film, Run

RUN Hogmoor Enclosure Flip Arm 4 June 2014 04m 38s

Still from my film, Run

Found out I need to empty studio by Friday pm.  I shall miss the studio a lot.  Looking for somewhere to hang my Gym Rings now.  I have a good feeling about the next project.  One things for sure I will have to keep Moving…

28th August 2014

Run with J & George to the training ground

Gym 1x Legs B stretch to splits and stretch upper back ready for Gym Rings

At the studio did a session with the Gym Rings 4 and Jasper made some photographs of me Moving and making Traces on the Gym Rings


Gym Rings 4 muslin




Gym-Rings-4-swing.jpg-for-the-web Gym-Rings-4-upside-down-curl.jpg-for-the-web





Painting this Summer sure was fun.

29th August 2014

The studio is empty except for my glass table.  The Gym Rings are looking for a new home.  Any offers?

5th September 2014

Reflecting back on the experimental work over the Semester I think that I have a lot of material to work into and take forward.  I aim to make a highlights film using edits from my filming of Run, Gym Rings and High Kicks.  I will take some of the Traces and use the shapes to work into drawings.  I particularly like the shapes made on the muslin which was painted whilst it was hanging from the ceiling, so the Moves came from the sideways direction.

Painting on the floor I would like to make some bigger works that allow for more white space. And I would like to map the movements and take them out into 3D drawings, perhaps in metal.  Also to work with the meeting point between internal emotional world and the external space and work with body imprint, researching more the body and space and anatomy. Perhaps exploring paint and drawing and also clay.  Having been inspired by th work of Juliana Cerqueira Leite, (see Reflective Writing post) images below.

5th Sep 2014


Today the exhibition came down.  The Closing Party was last night and that went well.



Gym Rings 3 floor boards


High Kicks 3


The empty studio


Autumn Semester

Whilst my studio situation is in transition I am working on a film called ‘Parkour Run’ and beginning to train with my personal trainer to assist with this work.

24th September 2014

It looks like in the new, shared MA studio I can build a frame to put the Gym Rings onto and have the light lifted to accommodate that.  Working will be in a restrictive space, so that will be interesting in itself.  I think I can begin by exploring the walls.

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