Autumn Semester Studio Practice

25th Sep 2014

Who is going where in the shared studios is not quite set in stone yet. The question at the moment is can the light in my proposed space be allowed to be moved higher?

Also, how to make the frame work for the Gym Rings?

Gym. Upper body and leg stretch to splits.   Ballet has started back.  Also a run in the park.  To get turn out better, box splits against the wall, legs in the air.

As I walk about I have started testing walls, steps, skate board parks that sort of thing for possible Free Running places.  Jumping down steps here, walking or running along a wall there, that kind of thing. Watching downloads, the landings are key, almost like a squat and often hands are put down to check forward movement.  I have fallen over due to forward momentum so that is key.

29th Sep 2014

Gym.  PT.  PNF Stretching hamstrings & glutes. Discussed forthcoming work.  Strengthen left leg & work on split lunges & split jumps on the TRX to assist with Free Running.

Scaffolding Research. Nigel, the scaffolder is coming to college tomorrow at 2pm.

3rd Oct 2014

Risk Assessment written for UCA Farnham for the structure for the Gym Rings

11th Oct 2014

I’ve been asked to move/perform for 2 life drawing classes at UCA Farnham and it is also an opportunity to test some of my ideas with clay.  So I am preparing for that by reading, training and thinking/planning.

Wonderfully it is going to involve the Gym Rings as well as resistance and a new piece of equipment for my work,, dumbells.  I will be moving, pausing, posing and testing.  The sessions are for an hour and a half.  So I will need stamina.  It is in my old Summer studio all being well.  Quite intimate and it will be full of first year BA students.

See Move Pause Pose Test Life Drawing page for more news on this project.

24th Oct 2014

Risk Assessment still going through for Gym Rings.  Life Drawing Movement session a success.


Early on in the first session researching the clay

Casting the clay now.


Detail of Section 5 of the plaster casting

31 Oct 2014

Inking in Blue Yellow Movement painting.


Blue Yellow Movement painting work in progress

Oil wash on handmade Indian paper

10th Nov 2014

Meeting about Gym Rings Floor Tiles with Marissa and Peter.  And about Body Sculpture.  Researching mould making for the body sections.  Also going to focus on training for keeping a pose for an hour.  I need to get my muscle tone to such a point that if keeping tension for an hour is impossible then the muscle tone will be pronounced enough to register.  Seeking a technician to help now.


I have a time line for the Floor Tiles project and the Gym Rings need to up and functioning by 21st November.  I am beginning Personal Training to support these projects.

20th November 2014


The Gym Rings structure is up in the studio.  It gets bolted down and then enclosed by a wall next.


2 nd December 2014

Today the final bolts for the floor go ion and the wall gets built to enclose the space.

Training hard in the gym to strengthen upper body and core and to body sculpt.  Doing squats with 25kg weight bag and pulling 30/35kg. Getting stronger.  Also strengthening hip flexors aiming for core strength by hanging from the TRX frame by my hands and raising legs up to 90 degrees. and holding.  The aim is to get higher.


Still being asked Risk Assessment questions.  it is a slow and drawn out process.  I can’t access clay and slip until it is complete.  Hopefully by Friday I will be working on some art.

I am also going to work on some painting.  Piling up the paint so it is really thick and imprinting and moving it around on the canvases.

5th December 2014

Rehearsing for dance performance at The Phoenix Art Centre next week. Contemporary, ballet, African & Egyptian belly dancing pieces.  Also a background role in some hip hop involving hand stands.

Female strength, choreographic imprint, surface to surface exchange, choreographic trace, beautiful movement, drawing in space, fitness, flexibility, agility, body image.  Freedom to feel and fly… be feminine/female/strong. A + B = C. Emotion projected into space.  responding to an/other.  Awakening, curiosity, connection, transformation, potential/nothingness, surface to surface exchange, residue, merging, altering states, making the invisible visible.  Capturing the snowflake.

8th Dec 2014

All set.



9th December 2014

Turning the studio into a white cube ready for filming.  Took two large canvases in.

13th December 2014


Gym Rings 2,8,12 KHLFM

31st Dec 2014

Training at the gym is beginning in earnest. Ordered some Skins compression clothing to work in as the studio is so cold during the Winter.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Semester Studio Practice

  1. Alison having having seen your work at the Summer Exhibition at Farnham UCA, and now just checking out your website, I would just like to say that I love the visual complexity of your paintings and the way the your pieces rhythmically occupy the canvas. The controlled freedom and sense of movement that is displayed in your paintings, along with the range of paint textures that you have achieved is really interesting.
    I am really looking forward to seeing more of your work and how it progresses.
    Sandra Peyton – Ealing London

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