BLOG Summer Semester 2015 Studio Practise

28th Aug 2015

Installed the lead punch bag for the MA show next week. After negotiating with  the Health & Safety conditions of the UCA institution.  Anselm Keifer’s High Priestess is made of tonnes of lead and is shown in galleries and museums around the world with no real fuss except having to manoeuvre such enormous weight… Thankfully UCA  saw sense in the end.




14th Aug 2015


Making Gym (1)


Ali lead punch bag close up (1) 14th Aug

A glimpse of Box (3) lead punch bag

31st July 2015

Box (2) filmed




23rd July 2015

Ali using gym rings in the summer studio 2015 yellow t shirt moving pike

Ali using the Gym Rings Summer Studio 2015 yellow t shirt

The world fits into place when I’m upside down.

6th July 2015


After fruitful conversation with Tom Dale, artist, I have begun experiments for paring down each Impact Trace Object piece into different emotions.  I have started with Anger. Using boxing and kicking moves.

3rd July 2015


Transported the clay on boards down to the Summer studio.  It was heavy work.  I am researching fixings for casting next week.  The fixtures need to be cast into the plaster.

Had a PT session at the Gym afterwards.  Just reset weights and reps for foundational moves, deadlifts, squats & bench press.  Also reviewed pull ups. I love these basic moves.

2nd July 2015




Grey Gym Rings installed for the Summer Semester.

29th June 2015

Ali Clay mold detail for MA catalogue 1 smaller version for email

Image chosen for MA catalogue.

21st June 2015




Clay molds in the making…

18th June 2015

I have started working with terracotta clay (8 bags) using the studio and Gym Rings.  Making molds which are imprinted with my body using various ways of moving.



3rd June 2015



Graphite powder on primer, experimenting with second plaster casts looking for finish for new planned casting project


Renaissance wax and graphite powder

1st June 2015


Brushed graphite powder onto a second generation casting to see what it would do to the colour.  I like it… It keeps the detail of finger prints but dulls the terracotta which mutes the colour.


Primed plaster cast.  Some detail is lost but colour is good and abstraction to form is interesting also.


17th May 2015


Arm section trial mould and cast in wax

Cleared some space in the studio and reflected on ideas to take forward into the Summer.

Body casting to make into sculpture

Physicality and Movement on the Rings & other equipment

Using Physicality and Movement to make art works…paintings, imprints in clay and casting fromm that, etc

Testing ideas and researching Muscle Memory…starting with revisiting gymnastics moves from my youth. I have found two local gymnastics clubs which run adult classes I will visit both to see which presents the best opportunity for me to awaken my Muscle Memory and survive!



I made a short film called Tipping Point.  I am using stretch and tipping points as a theme.  It is a Movement Metaphor  for life for some people, in the current political & financial climate.

I started with equal height gym rings. I  turned upside down and held a stretch.  Then by small increments I took the right hand ring down and repeated the upside down stretch.

As the ring got lower the tension built on the right side to hold the position.  Until I found the tipping point where I could no longer hold the balance. And I came crashing down in a collapse.

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