Train Move Trace


This project is a pin point in a process, Train Move Trace.  The work is being made in a spacious studio at UCA Farnham during the Summer Semester, as part of my MA Fine Art course.

I will be updating the website, as the projects progresses, in the lead up to the MA Show at UCA Farnham, 26th Aug-5th Sep 2014.  I will have some work, from this project, featured in the show

The work began out of a curiosity to find out what my body was capable of.   I was inspired by the London Olympics, in particular Jessica Ennis’s stomach!  I began a fitness program at my local leisure centre, going regularly to the gym and doing work out classes, including zumba, pilates, combat and body pump.  I also began to take dance classes in ballet and contemporary dance.  An interest in anatomy developed out of this. And my fitness developed as I had Personal Training sessions.

My art is driven by emotion and the relationship between the inner and outer worlds.  This is expressed through movement either on a 2D surface or in space.  Colour projects emotion into a trace that is formed from various modes of gesture.  Be it a ballet step performed on canvas; the movement of a leg filmed during a performance using a Flip camera strapped to a leg, in a dance studio or during a run outside in the woods; or the space cut in a metal sheet.  I also paint.

Each piece of work is like a set of coordinates on a map on which a journey is being plotted.  Gym Rings and High Kicks are new works beginning in July 2014.  Preparations have begun in the studio and the stage is being set to begin filming and making. Outside of the studio I have also begun a project called Run.

For each work I have a specific Training program and out of this develops Moves which I make and through experimenting, I make a Trace.










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