Artist’s Statement

Poetry in space, lyrical drawing in 3D, emotion-based desire and drive, an osmosis, moving beyond the internal to the external. To Train, to Move, to Trace. A gesture, a mark, arrives.  Colour, a visual catalyst for emotion, mirrored, in/out/in. Alice has fallen down the rabbit hole.

In the studio, Gym Rings, apparatus to train, to test, to take flight. Nike, the Goddess of Victory, encourages a mimicking of her ways. Women don’t do Rings. Just Do It. Get fit, dance, gesture and mark it.

Hug the discipline of Training.  Work on project specific muscles. Absorb the skill of another.  Glimpse the white fur far ahead.  High Kicks, a formal ballet exercise, utilising resistance to break down and build strength and flex in the legs.  How high can it go?  Drink Me, the bottle told Alice. Time will mark and reveal what power in the process.

Powders, papers, board, canvas, fabric, graphite, paint, substances, bright, pale, dull, vibrant, some blue, some yellow, some other, cameras here and there. Around the space, experiment as I Move.  The white rabbit, just out of reach, driving me on.  High on the wall, strong above the ground, around and around.  Veiled, private or jumping out of a hat? Elusive rabbit keep moving.






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