Exploring Performance

As an artist I am interested in Performance.  In order to research performance I am taking part in various performances in order to understand and get a feel for what Performance is like.

In July 2014 I danced in a contemporary dance performance at The Phoenix Theatre in Bordon.


And in December I performed in The Phoenix Dance Collective Showcase, dancing in contemporary, ballet, Hip Hop, Egyptian Belly and African dances.

Also earlier in the year I made two films in dance studios filming my performance dancing solo.  very much with the work of Bruce Nauman in mind.  His Walking around the perimeter of a Square works.  My interest with these was also with recording Movement.


Dance mMovement Farnham Studio Blurred shorts figure Dec 2013

above Film Stills from Love Dance Movement 1




Bruce Nauman image Farnham

above stills from Homage to Nauman dance film



Film Stills from Love Dance Movement 2





The film Love dance Movement was shown at the Sparks film Festival at The Phoenix Art Centre, celebrating up and coming film makers as part of their wider Arts festival.


In September 2014 I made a Performance Installation, High Kicks 3, in The James Hockey Gallery.  Performing and filming  twice daily for 5 days in the lead up to the installing of the MA graduation Show and exhibition.



In October 2014 I performed in  Movement life drawing sessions. part of which was performance and poses for BA Fine Art students to draw. I used dance, fitness moves and equipment and Gym Rings.  I was directed by a tutor, Srin Surti, to move for a certain length of time and then hold a pose for the same period.  The times increased up in stages from 2 mins to 15 mins.  For the last section of the performance I researched Movement in clay using the body to imprint into the terracotta clay.  I performed for over an hour and a half and did this twice.







In March 2015 I used performance in the process of making ceramic floor tiles



Videos of this can be seen on my Face Book page




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