Free Running

27th March 2015

Went Slope training with Charlie Briggs and first Parcour Training.




25th January

Found this amazing photographer Denis Darzacq




23rd January 2015

I met Charlie Free Runner (Charlie Briggs) who is into Parkour and is a  Free Runner, amongst other things.  We took turns trying out Moves on the Gym Rings.  Watching someone else with different ways of moving on the Rings was fascinating.

Also his relationship with the material world meant he was into finding out how the structure and equipment effected the ways of moving. A scientific mind with lots of physical knowledge. This was fun to experiment around with on the Rings.  For example,  Rings wider and narrower what effect did this have on the Movement?  Uneven heights of each of the Rings had the effect of making one side of the body have more tension and have to work much harder to keep balance.  Also,  lowering the rings so that the knees could touch the ground.  Also hooking knees over the Rings so that hands could be used to work the floor.  Playing with widths of the Rings effected whether I could twirl or not.  Mindful play, fabulous.

A great way to spend a few hours and lots of new ideas to take into my work.


Charlie Free Runner

Next time we meet we are training on the Slope and going to the Subway.

27th Sep 2014

I am beginning to train for making a Free Running film (running and jumping, no tumbling as yet).  I have started trying out running along walls, jumping down steps and using banisters to leap a bit further.

It is such a lovely feeling jumping through the air.  Almost like flying…



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