Gym Rings Autumn Semester 2014


The Gym Rings structure is up in the studio.

Some of the work will be experimenting with clay ready to work on the Clay Floor & Wall tiles, using body imprinting and also using my feet to paint with coloured slip over a white slip base on terracotta clayor preferably, porcelain flax paper clay. And painting on canvases using the feet and movement on the gym rings. Using a lot of paint to imprint as well as make traces.

All being well, a selection of this work will be exhibited in the Garden Gallery at Farnham Museum 14th & 15th March 2015.

The palette. Blue, red, yellow, gold, black, white.

Blue is the colour of dreams and fantasy.  It is that blue in a Summer’s evening when the first star winks and the sky has turned so blue, deep, sensuous blue. Promise is in the air.  Night is just moments away.  A Midsummer Night’s Dream, anything is possible.

Red is the colour of passion.  Bell Hook says on this:

‘They say she cannot wear the colour red because it is too old for a young girl, that maybe she will be ready when she is near the end of high school.  She knows that red is the colour of passion, that a woman in a red dress is sultry, sensuous, that a woman wearing a red dress had better look out. Red is a colour for sluts and whores they say.  She is trying on yet another pink dress.  They say she looks so innocent so sweet in the colour pink.’ (p. 28, Methods & Theories of Art History, Anne D’Alleva, pub. Laurence King Publishing, London, 200%)

She talks of the adolescent on the brim of burgeoning sexuality.  The promise of what is to come, the forces which hold her back.

I feel, red certainly has a strength and a calling for passion.

Yellow is bright, light and fresh.  Hopeful.  A good contrast with blue.

Gold is rich, beautiful, rare, divine, special.

Black is night, sexual, dark, seductive.

Bell Hook says of this;

‘Secretly she loves the colour black.  It is the colour of night and hidden passion.  When the women go dancing, when they dress up to go to the night club they wear black slips.  They sit in front of the mirror painting themselves with make up, making their lips red and rich.  To her they are more beautiful in their black slips than they will ever be in any dress.  She cannot wait to wear one.’ (p.29, London, 2005)

Again, she describes the young female eagerly awaitng the chance to go out into the world of sensuality.

For me, black outlines and makes clear the spaces and shapes.  It absorbs and deadens and it unleashes desire and enables it to take flight. Aware, alive, associated with deeper attraction and seduction.

White is purity, light and space.  It reflects and radiates light.  It is space, empty and bright. It reveals all.

Dreams, passion, desire, hope and lightness. Some of the feelings which surface and meet with the outside and reveal themselves in the movement of the dancer. Grace and strength. My whole body marking the space, at the point of inside meeting outside, surface on surface exchanging and fusing leaving a residue of traces, the embodiment of that moment conveyed.


12th December 2014

I made my first painting in the new studio.


Gym Rings 2,8,12 KHLFM (renamed Hot)

acrylic paint on primed linen canvas 180cm x 150cm



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