Gym Rings Spring Semester 2015


13th Feb 2015

With new Moves on the Gym Rings by adjusting the equipment, after Charlie Free Runner’s visit, new avenues to explore have arrived.  Also working with clay will present new happenings as well.

Pairing 1 Hot & Mesmerising cropped

Pairings 1 Hot & Mesmerising

Acrylic paint on primed stretched linen 150cm x 120cm

There is an abstraction of emotion based on fantasy.  Although the emotion is real, so perhaps it arrives in a field of fantasy.  Ready for play, abstraction and movement. Mirroring one to the other; internal & external, reality & fantasy, emotion & Movement. They intermingle in the space, surfaces meet & paint marks the moment.  Random & controlled, reflection & chance, dance & fitness, strength & grace.  Pairings, revealing a story, an energy exchange, connections forged in time. 


Acrylic paint on primed stretched linen 150cm x 120cm, on exhibition at The Fitness Stories exhibition at The Garden Gallery, Farnham Museum in Feb 2015.

Painted with the feet whilst making Movements using Gym Rings


about B

A responds in colour


about A

B responds in colour.


Within the Love Dance Movement series of paintings



Blue and Red from the Love Dance Movement series

A & B respond to each other within the painting.  In Pairings 1 they become separate pieces of work and the response is within and parallel.


Blue Fitness Story oil paint on primed hand made Indian paper





Blue Yellow Fitness Story oil paint on primed handmade Indian paper




Making Playful Connections floor tiles in the studio.  They were imprinted using Movement with the Gym Rings and then painted using my feet in rubber socks to keep the toxic slips from touching the skin. Then fired twice and glazed in between firings.

The colours were chosen based on the emotions connected to characters in a story, describing the characters and their emotional response one to the other, A to B & B to A.


See the Spring Semester Practice Blog for more details


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