Gym Rings

Ali-Dismount-from-gym-rings-crop-UCA-studio-July-2014.jpg-for-the-webBalletic-hold-Gym-Rings-UCA-studio-July-2014-crop-enhanced.jpgfor-the-webAli Gym Rings upside down pike enhanced July 2014

Gym Rings is a project exploring;

Training for using the Rings, Upper body, core and hip flexors

Movement in 3D space using the Rings

and making/leaving a Trace of that Movement experimenting with various mediums.

This work developed out of a love of the work of the Japanese artist Kazuo Shiraga, an original Gutai artist,  who used a rope in his studio to move around and paint using his feet. He created highly coloured, abstract paintings.  And also the work of Bruce Nauman, who as an artist explored dance.



Gym Rings 4 muslin



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