Thank yous


Summer studio still


Thank you to…

Becky  my new ballet teacher.  She is a graduate of  The White Lodge and has lots of performing experience, so we are very lucky to have her.  She has a lovely personality and a nice steady teaching style. I have never seen feet curl so beautifully as when she points her feet!  I feel optimistic about progress under her tutelage…


Elizabeth Blake for her teaching of contemporary dance which is inspiring some of my Moves and for her teaching of Eygptian Belly and Contemporary Dance in the Phoenix Dance Collective.  Liz has a great way of teaching you to make you feel that you can try something new.


Performance in the Phoenix Theatre

Link to the Phoenix Dance Collective details

Charlie Briggs, classics scholar and Parkour expert, for the best fun day taking turns experimenting with the Gym Rings.  It was fascinating watching someone with a different mind set playing on the Rings, ‘this hanging around stuff’ as he called it. I am glad it blew your mind!

And for an inspiring day out, Slope training and first Parkour training, brilliant fun…


Slopes training under the A3


Charlie climbing the wall PC World

Rebecca Edwards for her enthusiastic & enjoyable Hip Hop & African dance choreography & teaching for the Phoenix Dance Collective.  I have used some of her ideas in my work, including in the Life Drawing Movement performance, using a Hip Hop Move…here is a link to her professional web site

Hannah Lacey for her ballet choreography & teaching at the Phoenix Dance Collective workshops & performances.  She has a lovely way of making you feel you can have a go no matter what your experience of ballet is.  Some of the steps I had learnt elsewhere suddenly clicked into place with her teaching.  Fantastic!  The Sugar Plum Girlies was great fun to perform.




John Oldfield for ace Personal Training.  Well targeted and project specific.

For the Summer Semester  2014  training and the Movement Life Drawing session, preparation and ideas for part of the program. Also for ongoing training for Gym Rings Autumn 2014 Semester training, Spring Semester Training 2015 & for Body Sculpture, To Make Ends Meet,  training. This project has led to me being awarded The Ingot Prize 2015 and a body mould sculpture being made in bronze to be shown in Bowman Sculpture, London.

And also for keeping me motivated, focused & pushing me to get stronger and more toned. For keeping the work outs varied and increasing the challenge at the best pace. He keeps me motivated to train hard and keep loving it. He is a natural, has a nice manner and is a good motivator.

Now he is working with me on the  physical training part of my Phd project about the body, self and movement in the making of fine art.

Gym Rings Floor Tiles 1 Day 2 upside down from the side



Tim Sandford for invaluable, technical help in the studio, including assistance with building the Gym Rings structure. And also, for photos & filming of the Gym Ring Floor tiles 1.

Jasper Sandford-McFadden for making some beautiful photographs of Moves on the Gym Rings & High Kicks projects and for regular work in progress shots, ongoing.

Julia Warman for her wonderful teaching of ballet, so I can bring something of the discipline of ballet, to my Moves (please send Julia a prayer as she has cancer and is currently in a hospice).  Sadly, today, 10th February 2015 Julia passed away.  Another young, vibrant life lost to cancer.  Love goes out to her adoring husband and two lovely children.  I shall miss her and her dance classes.

Julia looking gorgeous by the sea

The beautiful & talented Julia Warman (RIP)





Stills from Love Dance Movement film

Also thank you to the following UCA Farnham tutors for their time and interesting, resonating suggestions.

Amanda Couch particularly for identifying a solution to my film editing in the Summer Semester, for Run and Love Dance Movement and for setting up the Life Drawing session.


Still from the film Run

Grant Petrey especially for pointing me towards Matthew Barney and Drawing Restraint which set off sparks for me


High Kicks performance installation in The James Hockey Gallery

Srin Surti importantly for seeing my boundaries and encouraging me to explore the leap over, as well as practical, IT assistance.  Also for working with me on the Life Drawing session and for sourcing the terracotta clay.

Paul Vivian excitingly for evoking a sense of drama all around in my studio



Ella Struve, sculptor, for being cheerful, happy and lovely to chat to and share ideas with and generally being good company around the studio

John Joyce, technician, for being relaxed, helpful and cheerfully engaged around the workshops

Steph in IT for helping me produce my films in iMovie

Rebecca for her dedicated hard work getting the James Hockey Gallery exhibition completed.

Steve MA technician, for all his assistance with teaching me plaster casting and assisting at key moments through the week of casting after the Life Drawing Movement session Clay Experimentation


Tipu for guiding the Risk Assessment through to successful completion. That was quite a feat!

Peter Walshaw  for never failing to stretch me by presenting obstacles for me to climb over

Marissa Sweeney-Aris for informative technical advice and assistance regarding anything to do with clay.


Detail of floor tile from the Playful Connections floor tiles (1 of 12)


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