Weeks 1-5

Upper body.

CV warm up – rower / x-trainer / AMT. 5 10 mins

1      Set of reverse pull downs x 8-10. 30-40kg

Main workout.

Negative pull ups * holding as long as possible at 90 degrees* add in using 2.27kg ankle weights

X failure

<1 mins rest

5 sets

Trx seated pull ups

X 4-6 reps

2-3 mins rest

4 sets

Push ups on bench

8 pods each side

6 reps

2-3 mins rest

5 sets

Standing DB shoulder press

6-8 reps

90 secs – 2 mins rest

3 sets

Stretch a lot in between and afterwards, including on the TRX

Cool down on hand & Foot bike

Upper body work out three times a week, core training program on any other days.  Working on 2a fibres to start with.


Legs A

Step downs with jump x 10-15 each. 2 sets

Split Jumps x 10 each. 3 sets

Split squat w/ jump (trx) x 10 each. 2 sets

Squat Jumps x 20. 2 sets

Legs B

Single SLD (progress onto bosu) x 10each. 3 sets.

Gluet bridge ( trx) x 1 min. 3 sets

Leg sweeps (Radiant) x 15-20. 1 set out, 1 set in, change tempo

Legs C 

Power pairings

Do this when no other exercise has been taken. Stretch either side. Lead up to splits



Leg-resistance-High-kicks-cropped-&-enhanced-for-the-webcropped into leg


Upper Body Update  8th Aug 2014

CV warm up-rower/x-trainer/AMT. 5-10mins

Main workout

1. Warm up set-pull downs @ 35kg x 8-12 reps 1 set

Stretch upper body >5mins

Weighted negative pull ups x 10-20 secs  3 sets > 1 mins rest

Partial pull ups x 1-2 rep 3 sets > 1 mins rest

Body weight negative pull ups x failure (15secs +) 2 sets 2 mins rest

2. Kinesus push downs Lv 4-6 kg x failure (if more than 8 reps then increase weight) 3 sets 1 mins rest

3. Trx seated pull ups x failure 3 mins rest 2 sets

4. Push ups on bench 8 pods each side x failure (if more than 8 reps then lower pods) 3 mins rest 4 sets

Stretch in between

Hip flex, weighted leg kicks on the Radian

Cool down – 5-10 mins on hand bike







 Addition from a stretch PT  14th Aug 2014

Using the TRX stand holding the handles of the straps above the head and curve bend into a C shape, to stretch the Obliques & Serratus Magnus muscle then bend back and squeeze, bringing one arm down. Repeat several times.



Run PT  17th Aug

Warm up on ATM in gym

Warm up in sports hall

Jog & dynamic stretches – split lunges

Main Run work out


Hurdles (9 inch), ladder  drills up and down

high knees over hurdles

stepping in and out down ladder, in one side out the other

high knees  squat jumps moving forwards  walking lunges

sprint jog sequences

laps  speed increasing gradually

static stretches forward high kick swing backward kick the bottom

hamstring stretch forward

split leg reach for the floor

quad stretch  fold leg backward hips forward knees together touch bottom with foot

inner thigh stretch  legs apart bend leg at the knee on one side

cool down on ATM in gym


Upper body PT 27th Aug 2014

B workout for the upper body

Warm up  35kg  mimic negative pull up by pulling down holding and slowly upwards use the triangular bent figure of eight  shaped handle


Wider hold for negative pull ups  hold for 20 plus seconds and slowly down.  Repeat after a 1 min rest

Try a partial pull up

Standard hold negative pull up hold for 20 secs and slowly down repeat after a 1 min rest

Sideways on hold negative pull up hold for 20 secs and slowly down rest for 1 min and then repeat to failure

Stretch  hip flexors and arms in T using TRX  roll arms to alter muscle stretch, stand shoulder stretch

Sideways plank on elbow on the TRX

Sideways plank on TRX on shoulder

Stretch legs and hip flexors to splits


 Gym Rings 4 muslin




29th Sep 2014

Training is ongoing to assist with Free Running.  Working on strengthening the left leg. Split lunges and split jumps on the TRX.


See also Autumn Semester Training page for more recent updates on training



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