Deadwater Valley     Walk




Mind the runner

Tree tops

River like tea

Bird song

Walk the path

Branches piled

Wild flowers   white    pink

Motion of the winding

Exposed roots living off the water

Boughs extending  meeting in the sky  arched  co dependent




Still still water almost stagnant   the dead

circles of brilliant green float

tiny channels etched on the green surface   ducks legs maybe

or bottoms




knobbly trunk like a lunar module




inspiration for the dance

a reach   a stretch    birds     fledglings   take flight

water trickles   passed around  waves  surge and become  calm   still

still  still  water of the dead




The Deadwater Valley walk inspired choreographer and dancer Elizabeth Blake to choreograph, A Walk In the Woods, a contemporary dance performed at the Phoenix Theatre, Bordon in July, as part of the, Marching On Community Dance Project.  I performed as part of the dance group.  Whilst we were in rehearsal, I walked the path, took photographs and wrote this poem.





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